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AIM's previous 7oz Barley Green Juice Powder
AIM BarleyLife
Greater Nutrition, More Affordable, Greater Results!

See american image marketingAIM replaces Previous Green Barley Powder With american image marketingBarleyLife
for more information.

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NEW AIM BARLEYLIFE, More Affordable, More Nutritious

AIM BarleyLife For Athletes
Strength and Endurance Naturally

A number of professional and amateur athletes have discovered increased strength and endurance with less fatigue and stress through the use of dehydrated barley juice powder. In fact at least one professional trainer recommends dehydrated barley juice powder to his team. He attributes his breaking the world weight lifting record to dehydrated barley juice powder. As far back as 2800 BC there is written mention of athletes in Babylon and ancient Greece that drank a barleymush in preparation for athletic events. It is very possible that the first Olympians excelled due to an ancient ancestor of BarleyLife!

Why all the interest in BarleyLife? The young barley plants used to make BarleyLife are extremely dense nutritionally. Full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), enzymes, chlorophyll and more. BarleyLife offers what no vitamin or protein supplement can. The real power of BarleyLife is found in the combination of all these nutrients, as created by the Master Chemist Himself, a complete biological phenomenon. BarleyLife is cell food. Every cell in your body is replaced in about one years time. BarleyLife feeds and repairs cells so that new cells are stronger and healthier. Stronger healthier cells create stronger healthier athletes - naturally. This is why athletes are saying things like "Barley juice powder has become indispensable to me as part of my recuperative, rebuilding phase immediately after my workout" and "BarleyLife has made a phenomenal difference in my endurance and recovery time".

See also Barleygreen Fitness Food of Champions by Harry Sneider, Ph.D. Trainer of Champions Fitness Consultant.

BarleyLife, organic, capsules, Xtra
See AIM BarleyLife for a substantially
better barley juice powder.

BarleyLife replaces Barleygreen
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