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Fitness Food of Champions

by Harry Sneider, Ph.D.
Trainer of Champions
Fitness Consultant

I take five tablespoons of BARLEYGREEN every day as part of my personal training to break records in the bench press.

Recently, I ran out of BARLEYGREEN , leaving me without my daily ration. The first thing that I noticed was muscle and joint soreness. Then my lifting poundages dropped, as well as my energy level. I thought I was coming down with a cold. Then, the wonderful green gold, BARLEYGREEN, arrived, and my training returned to record levels. The moral of this story is: always keep a surplus stock of BARLEYGREEN on hand, and be consistent in your fitness programs. Maintain your BARLEYGREEN intake in combination with a well balanced diet.

In September, 1990, MUSCLE AND FITNESS magazine had an excellent article entitled "Green Foods/Pure Gold" by Rebecca Wood, which stated, "voluminous scientific data have demonstrated the power of 'green foods' - Those exceptionally high in chlorophyll. According to various studies (and centuries-long medicinal tradition), they strengthen the cardiovascular and immune systems, help detoxify the liver and kidneys, and protect the organs by increasing their resistance to disease, radiation and other pollutants. They also reportedly stimulate and normalize the thyroid gland and regulate the sex hormones. Green ergogenic* foods are excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and, of course, chlorophyll." (*"Ergogenic foods are whole foods that contain naturally concentrated sources of easily assimilated nutrients, providing energy and enhancing your performance.")

IRON MAN Magazine published an article in December. 1990 by Barbara Rosen entitled "Vegetarian Bodybuilding - Smashing the myth of the macho meat eater" that says, "evidence indicates that a cholesterol free vegetarian diet is the best program for bodybuilders." This provocative article quotes Bill Pearl. one of the greatest bodybuilders of all times, as saying. "with each succeeding year on the (non meat) diet, I've felt better. I'm healthier. I can train with more energy."

My personal preference is to add some meat to my dietary program; fish. chicken, occasionally some beef (without preservatives). For me, not to eat meat results in a decrease in body size and power to lift record breaking poundages. There is a balance that is needed in all we do. We are each so unique! We can be very thankful Dr. Hagiwara's meticulous research made green foods accessible to all of us in the convenient form of BARLEYGREEN.

Let us encourage others to try this wonderful Food of Champions, BARLEYGREEN!

(Picture of Dr. Sneider breaking the world bench press record last August is not shown here.)


Allan Nickell, weight lifter -

"I have enjoyed weight lifting for over 40 years and have included good foods as a part of my training regimen throughout that time. Before my workouts, foods loaded with carbohydrates such as BARLEYGREEN provide me the energy needed. BARLEYGREEN has become indispensable to me as part of my recuperative, rebuilding phase immediately after my workout."

Harry Sneider, Olympic trainer

"BARLEYGREEN is one of the finest fitness products that God has designed. not only for athletes training for world class events, but for good health productivity. There are thousands of people changing to a healthy lifestyle. They are looking for a complete program. AIM offers just such a program through the Healthy Cell Concept - stressing a positive mental attitude, products focusing on healthier cells, and emphasis on a regular exercise program."

Rod Murray, tri-athlete from Alberta -

"BARLEYGREEN is fantastic! As a tri-athlete, BARLEYGREEN has made a phenomenal difference in my endurance and recovery time.

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