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Colloidal Silver and Mineral Supplement

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colidial silver


  • Antibacterial
  • Increased energy
  • Health maintenance


  • Nontoxic with no reported side effects
  • 99.99 percent pure silver
  • Silver particles are .01-.002 microns in size
  • 230 parts per million of silver
  • Contains the electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Organic minerals from a safe and natural deposit
  • 4-fl oz (120 ml) bottles

A colloidal silver and mineral supplement

AIMEarthWise™ combines once common but lost knowledge with advances in technology. The past provides the knowledge of early attempts to use silver in health, and technology provides the ability to produce a colloidal silver product of a quality never before seen.

At the turn of the century, silver, in many different forms, was used by health practitioners. Research papers were published on its uses, and there was widespread interest in this mineral among doctors. One of its most carefully considered forms was a colloid.


A colloid is composed of two substances: minute particles and a solution that holds the particles. The particles in a colloid do not dissolve or fall to the bottom but remain suspended in a suitable medium. Early scientists were aware that the colloid state is found throughout nature. Because many of the body’s fluids—such as lymphatic fluid—are colloidal in nature, the body can more readily use products that are already in the colloidal form. A look at some of the materials published at the time—Colloids in Biology and Medicine (1919), The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease (1919), The Pharmacology of Silver (1939)—reinforces the idea that colloids, and silver, were legitimate medical tools.

Alfred Searle, in The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease (1919), wrote, “The germicidal action of certain metals in the colloidal state having been demonstrated, it only remained to apply them to the human subject, and this has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results. … They have the advantage of being rapidly fatal to the parasites both bacterial and otherwise without any toxic action on the host.”

Today, modern technology allows us to produce ultrafine colloids where minute particles of one substance are combined with a solution. Although there are a number of ways to do this, an electrolysis generation produces the highest quality and most effective colloid. In this method, electricity keeps the silver particles in suspension. The electrical charge in the particles repels them from each other, keeping them from falling to the bottom or clumping. In other methods, a stabilizer must be added to keep the silver particles in suspension; the stabilizer also reduces the effect of the silver.

Silver and health

An early silver product was Credé’s ointment, a colloidal silver in an ointment base. It was used in the treatment of wounds and skin diseases. (Credé is said to have gotten the ointment idea from the use of silver foil as a wound dressing at Johns Hopkins University.) A few years later, A.C. Barnes developed a form of mild silver protein (called Argyrol) that was an effective local anti-infective. In 1928, A. Krause developed “Katadyn” silver, one of the earliest water-purifying products. Other products of this era included Black Silver, Fissan-Silver, Movidyn, and O-Silver. All of these products had the same purpose, to limit or eliminate pathogens from wounds and drinking water.

After falling out of favor in the early twentieth century due to prohibitive cost, poorly made products, and the discovery of less expensive sulfa drugs, silver again began to receive attention in the 1960s. In a quest to find an antiseptic that would be safe to use over large areas of the body (as was needed for burn treatment), a number of doctors reviewed 22 antiseptic compounds.

Dr. Harry Margraf noted this and recalled that one form of silver—silver nitrate—was still used by the medical profession. It was effective, but the drawback was that the high concentrations used could be corrosive and painful. Dr. Margraf began experimenting with more dilute solutions and settled on a 0.5 percent solution. It was effective in killing bacteria but still had drawbacks. Dr. Margraf and others continued testing silver compounds and found one, silver zinc allantoinate, which was eventually used to treat skin ulcers. At the same time, Dr. Charles Fox of Columbia University developed silver sulfadiazine. It is now used in burn centers throughout the country.

Silver has also been used in dental work. The Journal of Dental Research (Vol. 57, No. 9-10, 1978) published an article titled “Inhibition and killing of oral bacteria by silver ions generated with low intensity direct current.” The authors write, “Silver cations generated by passing low intensity direct current through pure silver electrodes were found to be sufficiently antibacterial to cause sterilization of samples of infected dentin.”


Minerals are important in health. They are needed for the proper composition of our body fluids, in blood, in bone formation, and to maintain healthy nerve function.

Ideally, we should get our minerals from the foods we eat. Inorganic minerals in soil are drawn into plants, which turn them into organic substances that are easily used by the body. Eating plants is the best way to get minerals. We also get minerals from animals, which have already eaten plants.

Unfortunately, modern agricultural technology and the uses of fertilizers and pesticides have had a detrimental effect on the mineral content of our soil. The result is that in many cases the mineral content of foods has decreased.

Many people turn to supplements to help them get their minerals. However, most of these contain inorganic minerals, and, according to Earl Mindell in The Vitamin Bible, only 2 percent to 10 percent of this type of mineral are absorbed by the body.

Next are chelated minerals. In this process, the mineral is chelated, or attached to a protein or an amino acid. This aids the body in digestion, and, again according to Mindell, chelated minerals are assimilated at levels three to ten times greater than inorganic minerals.

Finally, there are organic minerals. These plant-digested minerals are the best mineral source. Consuming them may be like receiving minerals from a plant source.


In AIMEarthWise™, minute particles of 99.99 percent pure silver and organic minerals are suspended by an electrolysis method that uses proprietary electrolytes in distilled water as a medium. The electric charge in the particles repels them from each other, keeping them in suspension. The particles’ small size allows them to pass through the walls of cell membranes, where they can do their best work. No stabilizers, which reduce the effectiveness of the silver, or common acids are used. AIMEarthWise™ is not a chemical compound.


AIMEarthWise™ contains the electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Electrolytes maintain normal fluid balance inside and outside of cells and a proper balance of acids and bases in the body. Maintaining proper electrolytic balance in the body can help reduce fatigue associated with strenuous exercise. The electrolytes in AIMEarthWise™ are derived from a safe and natural deposit.

Organic minerals

AIMEarthWise™ contains organic minerals from a safe and natural deposit. How to use AIMEarthWise™

  • Adults: Mix ½ tsp (2.5 ml) in 8 oz (240 ml) of distilled water, 2 to 3 times a day. Use distilled water; the fluoride, chlorine, and metals found in tap water could render AIMEarthWise™ less effective.

  • Children: Figure by weight. If an average 170 lb (77 k) adult takes ½ tsp, a child half the weight would take ¼ tsp in 8 oz of water.

  • If using topically, use at full strength, except in eyes.
  • Pregnant or lactating women should consult a health practitioner.
  • Shelf life is 3 years, unopened. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight (70° - 75° F; 20.1° - 23.8° C). Do not freeze.
  • AIMEarthWise™ is nontoxic with no recorded side effects.
  • If you take AIMEarthWise™ for longer than 1 week, you should also take a probiotic. Take this a few hours after taking AIMEarthWise™.

Q & A

I have heard that using silver turns your skin gray. Is this true? Argyria is a nontoxic blue-gray discoloration of the skin. It results when hundreds of times the suggested serving, and particles much larger than those found in AIMEarthWise™, are injected into the body or taken orally. The silver is then deposited under the skin and stays there. Products resulting in argyria contain extremely high concentrations of silver compounded with stabilizers, such as silver nitrate. If you use the suggested serving of AIMEarthWise™, there will not be any argyria or other negative side effects.

Isn’t silver toxic? Silver in itself is not toxic. It can be harmful when it contains a nitric radical, which many turn of the century silver products did. There have been no reported cases of toxicity resulting from the use of colloidal silver. AIMEarthWise™ contains no nitric radicals.

Should I expect detoxification effects? Colloidal silver may initially cause your body to start flushing out toxins, resulting in loose bowel movements for 1 to 2 days. You may also find that you cannot sleep at night. If this is the case, try taking AIMEarthWise™ earlier in the day.

What is a probiotic? Why do I need one? There is debate over whether a colloidal silver product kills all bacteria, “good” and “bad” both, or only the bad bacteria. AIM has tested AIMEarthWise™ and found that it kills both good and bad bacteria. Thus, you should take a probiotic if you take AIMEarthWise™ for longer than 1 week. A probiotic is either food for the friendly flora in the intestine or the flora themselves. A probiotic is often said to be “good bacteria.” It is used to replenish the good bacteria.

Minerals in AIMEarthWise™

Because AIMEarthWise™ comes from a natural source, the amount of the minerals in it varies. We are not able to disclose the exact amount of each mineral.

Magnesium Manganese

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barleylife, herbal fiberblend, natural progesterone, digestive enzymes, american image marketing, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet and more
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