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Crohn's Disease - Victory

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Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 5:49 pm:   

1-7-97 I am interested in this barley juice - just found out about it. I have three children ages 10,4,2 .... They each have lots of allergies, hives, coughs and related illnesses for which there is not a lot of treatment. .... My husband has Crohn's Disease and we think this may be the answer we have been looking for. Medical Doctors have been no help except for drug therapy - he's ready to be done with that after two years or steroids and "experimental" drugs. We hope to be on this barley juice as soon as possible (yesterday!). Thank you! Denise

1-24-97 Ken is already seeing wonderful results with his Crohn's Disease. No pain in his side for at least a week now and lots more improvements each day. He is following the Hallelujah Diet pretty close, except for he adds some cooked foods each evening and he indulges in homemade peanut butter and whole wheat bread that I make. He wasn't able to eat salad for several years, and now he has one every evening and can eat any raw vegetables he wants to. That is a miracle!

1-30-97 Ken has had no medication in 5 days now. He is feeling great and what a miracle. I didn't even know he wasn't taking it! The symptoms of his
Crohn's disease that he has suffered with for over 2 1/2 years are non-existent right now.

3-19-97 Ken is doing wonderful. He has been off all medications now for over a month, and has no - absolutely no - symptoms of the Crohn's Disease he has suffered with for 2 1/2 years. We praise the Lord for Rev. Malkmus health message; it has given us all a new life. We are 95% Vegan (no dairy, animal products or eggs) and eat lots of raw. Things have never been better. The boys have been well since we made the switch in January, and while others are suffering with colds, flu, and yucky stuff, we are all well! Ken's aunt in Ohio who has diabetes and been sick lots (and she's only 38 or 40) has called us to get the information on what we are doing and she is going full fledged on the Hallelujah Diet way! We believe she will be well within the next few months and off medications also!

Thank you for sending out my testimony. The more that hear the better! God is continuing to bless us. My health is great! Today is June 18, 1997
and I have been without medication for Crohn's Disease since January 25, 1997. That's one week short of being five (5) months! I have had no pain (connected with the Crohn's) in that time. I am pain-free, drug-free, and doctor-free (and medical bill-free!) and plan to stay that way. I
attribute this to the hand of God healing my body through a new understanding of nutrition and healthy eating habits.

My diet consists of:
Breakfast - one serving of barley juice powder (usually in water, sometimes in fresh carrot juice) and a cup of Roma (coffee replacement).
Lunch - one serving of barley juice powder in fresh carrot juice. One-half hour later raw fruit (apple, pear, peach, prunes, figs, dates, banana, raisins, etc.), some raw almonds, and usually a piece of homemade bread (no animal products or sugar in it) with real peanut butter.
Dinner - one serving of barley juice powder in fresh carrot juice. One-half hour later raw vegetables (usually in salad) and some cooked food (baked potato, vegan macaroni & "cheese", lentil burger, vegan chili, spaghetti, etc.)

We have basically eliminated all animal products from our diet. We have found a lot of vegan recipes in cookbooks and on the internet. I would say our diet is about 70% raw. Even our boys (10, 5, 2) are not too far behind on that. Their lunch and dinner is the same (not as much salad), but they still like cereal for breakfast with their barley juice powder in apple juice. The cereal we give them is no or low sugar (Corn Flakes, Cheerios, Grape-Nuts, etc.) and they usually want granola sprinkled on top. We use rice milk which I think tastes better than cow's milk.

The only side effect of this diet that I have discovered is that I have dropped from 187 pounds to 160 pounds and am maintaining that weight now.
I feel much better at this weight. At 6 feet in height that's about right.
My clothes have needed to be altered (another side effect), but I'm not complaining! I have more energy now than ever, and I sleep better than
ever too!

Some people have asked me how long I intend to stay on this "diet" and my answer is, "How long are you going to stay on yours?" We're all on a diet of some kind. Mine just happens to be a little different than the sickly Standard American Diet!

If my testimony helps somebody else to get well and get off the SAD diet, then I'm very HAPPY! But all the glory for my health goes to God!
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Karen G
Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2002 - 5:56 pm:   

8-06-2001 Loren, just wanted to update you on my progress since 7/24/01.

I have been using the barley juice powder three times a day and drinking carrot juice two times a day. My meals have consisted of only organic raw fruits and vegetables. Instead of the herbal dietary figer, I grind 1 T. of flaxseed up in a coffee grinder and mix it in 4 oz of organic apple juice once a day. I am also using the Udo's Perfect Oil on my salad (as well as a small amount of rice vinegar for taste). I also indulge in whole wheat toast with raw natural almond butter and raw unfiltered honey. This is better than a snicker's bar anyday. I can also eat raw almonds occassionally without any problems (which is a miracle).

I am very excited to report that I have been free from Crohn's symptoms for more than one week now. I feel better than I have in years and even my energy level is gradually increasing. I plan to stay on this forever. It's much easier to do than I thought. After a few days of headaches (from caffeine withdrawal and detox), the rest was easy. I don't crave the foods that made me sick before. What a relief. Thanks for all you help.

1-04-2002 I'm continuing to do well with my Crohn's. I'm still on the Hallelujah Diet and still symptom free and I'm not taking any medication at all. I even cheated over the holidays quit a bit and had a few minor problems, but I went on a three day juice fast and then resumed the Hallelujah Diet and the problems went away. The last time I saw my gastro doctor, he continued to tell me the importance of being on medication to keep the Crohn's in remission. He refuses to accept the importance that diet has in disease and he's actually considered the top GI doctor in Houston. I've preached to him enough that he started calling me Dr. George. I've decided I need to do this without him. I haven't seen him in months.
Karen G

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