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We live in an age of specialization. Most doctors are specialists, focusing on one small part of the human body. There are no longer computer generalists; now there are experts on different networks and different programs. The jack-of-all-trades is also a thing of the past; you have to call a plumber to install a water heater and an electrician to connect it. This specialization has even touched the American pastime of baseball: designated hitters and relief pitchers!

Health foods also target specific audiences. There are women's products, men's products, children's products, antistress supplement cocktails, and unique formulas for athletes. But there is one product that is not a speciality item; that can help anybody, no matter what their age, gender, or activity level. It's BarleyLife!

The green barley plant

Barleylife does not pretend to be a designer food; that is, a food that isolates certain nutrients for a certain population. Rather, it is the general store of health foods, providing much of what you need in one handy location. BarleyLife is able to play this role because it contains 100 percent green barley leaf, and green barley is one of the few plants that can supply sole nutritional support from birth to old age. The leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing this planet offers to the perfect food. For reasons of palatability, nutrient density, and favorable harvesting features, green barley stands out as the best among these.

Green barley leaves have something for everyone. Among the vitamins are beta carotene and B vitamins, including vitamin B12 (which is often believed to come only from animal sources). Green barley contains folic acid, important for mothers and children, and the antioxidant vitamins C and E, important for everyone. Minerals include calcium, important for women and growing children, iron, also important for women, magnesium, and potassium. A recent laboratory analysis of green barley grass has turned up at least traces of more than 50 other minerals.

Hidden treasures

The hidden treasures in barley grass do not make it onto the BarleyLife label, and many people are unaware of them. These are enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll, and alkalizing substances. Antioxidants and numerous other phytochemicals.

Enzymes spark life. They are the catalysts for the body's essential chemical reactions and are responsible for our digestive processes, for providing cellular energy. and for antioxidant effects. Despite their importance, most people do not get the enzymes they need. This is because heat destroys enzymes, and most of our foods, whether cooked at home or processed, are heated and the enzymes destroyed. Scientists believe that there may be thousands of active enzymes in green barley. This belief is based on tests that use the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) as a marker enzyme. If the marker enzyme is found in an active state, it can be safely assumed that other enzymes found in green grasses will also be in an active state.

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are the major constituents of all cells and body fluids (except urine and bile). Amino acids are necessary for cell building, regeneration, and energy production. The proteins in green barley leaves are polypeptides, which are smaller proteins that can be directly absorbed by the blood. Eighteen amino acids are found in barley grass, including the eight essential amino acids (the ones we must obtain from our diet).

Chlorophyll has been studied for its potential as a deodorant, in stimulating tissue growth, and in stimulating red blood cells in connection with blood supply. Perhaps most remarkable is the similarity between chlorophyll and the red pigment in blood. Research in the l940s demonstrated that the two pigments react the same during breakdown. In 1995, studies indicated that chlorophyll helps the body repair tissue. The naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Bernard Jensen, lists over twenty major benefits of high chlorophyll consumption in his book, Health Magic Through Chlorophyll.

According to an article in the JNCl (Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Jan. 4, 1995), chlorophyll fed to laboratory animals reduced absorption of three dietary carcinogens; heterocyclic amines (found in cooked muscle meats), polycyclic hydrocarbons (found in smoked and barbecued foods), and aflatoxin (a mold on peanuts). The chlorophyll formed complex compounds with the carcinogens while they were still in the digestive tract, limiting their bioavailability. Chlorophyll has also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of calcium oxalate stone disease; to reduce fecal, urinary, and body odor in geriatric patients; and to accelerate wound-healing.

Green barley grass also has a high alkalizing effect. It contains buffer minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Buffer minerals neutralize acidic materials and can help people maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

A Ia natural

This is why so many people find BarleyLife effective; because it is all natural. It is not tailored to a specific group, with the current fad ingredient hyped up as a selling point. Rather, it gives you the benefits of barley grass: a wide spectrum of nutrients as they are found in nature. This means you get nutrients that are easily absorbed, that are in natural proportions, and that are not polluted with additives.

BarleyLife has many names, It is called the ideal fast food, the food of the future, and a salad in a glass. Perhaps we should add another name: BarleyLife, food for the entire family.

Availability and Directions

BarleyLife comes in powder or veggie capsules.

Powder: Mix two teaspoons, two or three times per day, with water or your favorite juice. But not in prune or cranberry juices.

Capsules: Take five caplets twice per day. Take with water or your favorite juice.

We recommend that you do not mix or take BarleyLife with carbonated drinks, or hot beverages. You may increase or decrease the serving size as necessary.

State of the Art Processing

Green barley is transformed into BarleyLife through careful cultivation and patented, state-of-the-art processing. The barley used for BarleyLife is grown in northern Alberta Canada, without using any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Instead, organic mulching, ladybug insect control, and crop rotation are used. During the growth period, the crops and soil are continually monitored and tested for nutritional content. When the plants are 10 to 14 inches tall, they are harvested. Research has shown that it is at this time that green barley leaves contain the widest spectrum of nutrients.

The barley leaves are washed and juiced within 15 minutes of being harvested; if the washing does not occur this quickly, the natural heat of the sun begins to oxidize the leaves and nutrients are lost. Chemicals are not used in this washing process.

After the barley leaves are washed, their nutrients must be removed from the cellulose. AIM utilizes a state of the art juicing press to maximize the juice and nutrients removed from the grass.

The barley juice is cooled immediately after the extraction process to inhibit oxidation. To further inhibit oxidation, the oxygen used in the juicing process is removed through a vacuum process. The juice is then tested as part of a seven-step laboratory quality control program. High quality (low DE) maltodextrin is then added to the juice. This soluble complex carbohydrate acts as a buffer that helps keep enzymes and other molecules apart so that they do not react and denature. The maltodextrin forms a hard matrix around the dried juice particles which helps extend their shelf life.

The barley juice is then pumped into an atomizer and spun in dry air in a large chamber. Temperatures never exceed body temperature.

The resulting powder is spun with a mist of pure water to help create small, uniformly sized granules.

BarleyLife: Fresh green juice from young organically grown barley leaves - available in powder or veggie capsules. BarleyLife is natures gift to us, a natural rejuvenator, densely nutritious green juice. BarleyLife contains not only vitamins and minerals but naturally occurring protein, enzymes, chlorophyll, antioxidants, and many phytochemicals. There are well over 180 known plant compounds in the barley plant. It is the type of nutrition our bodies crave but don't get enough of. Used daily the body cells respond enthusiastically. So much so that you will notice the difference! Reports of health benefits abound. Why take man-made vitamins hoping it will help? Take BarleyLife and experience the difference or your money back !

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barleylife, herbal fiberblend, natural progesterone, digestive enzymes, american image marketing, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet and more
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