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AIM's previous 7oz Barley Green Juice Powder
AIM BarleyLife
Greater Nutrition, More Affordable, Greater Results!

See american image marketingAIM replaces Previous Green Barley Powder With american image marketingBarleyLife
for more information.

or see BarleyLife

NEW AIM BARLEYLIFE, More Affordable, More Nutritious


The Barleygreen Warehouse Close Out Sale, $12.00 per 7oz jar IS OVER!
AIM Barleygreen is history!

AIM Barleygreen has been replaced with AIM BarleyLife

Barleygreen is a powder concentrated 30 times. Barleygreen is a whole food.
Barleygreen contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and chlorophyl Barleygreen is an easy way of getting you daily greens.
Barleygreen is like having a salad in a glass. Barleygreen was introduced and marketed by American Image Marketing for 21 years.
10% of the Barleygreen profits goes into Barleygreen research. 30% of any commissions we receive from Barleygreen is given to charity.
Barleygreen is provided by American Image Marketing, AIM. See Buy Direct Barleygreen is sold only by independent AIM distributors.
Barleygreen is available at retail or wholesale prices. Barleygreen is tested to assure that the enzymes are in an active state.
Research has found a new substance in barley leaf extract which contains very impressive antioxidant properties. This substance is called 2'-O-Glycosylisovitexin. It has been proven to be effective as an antioxidant than beta carotene or vitamin E.

Barleygreen, BARLEYGREEN, barleygreen
BarleyLife, organic, capsules, Xtra
See AIM BarleyLife for a substantially
better barley juice powder.

BarleyLife replaces Barleygreen
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